Online recruiting is a $7 billion industry, and if you're posting your jobs online, there is a good chance you're contributing a pretty penny to that grand total, and don't you want to make every cent count? If you think you're getting the biggest bang for your buck, we invite you to ask yourself the following three questions.

What is it costing you and your company, if some of the best candidates are not applying to you, because your ad copy did not motivate them to do so?

What is it costing you and your company, if positions are not filled as quickly as they could be?

What is it costing you and your company, if your brand image suffers due to the "ghastly advertising" that Liz Miller talks about in, Dear CMO: Your Recruiting Is Killing Your Brand?

We've done the math for you and the answer to all three questions is: a fortune.

The Post Perfect Training Program, the flagship service of Enchanted Careers, LLC, is a multidimensional learning experience that assists companies to substantially improve the quality of their online recruitment content, including openings advertised on job boards, social media, and other mediums. The Post Perfect Training Program puts hiring companies and recruiters on the path to attracting more high-caliber candidates, reducing the time positions remain unfilled, lowering advertising costs and outsourcing fees, and improving the company's brand.

The Post Perfect Training Program, the Gold Award Winner of the 2014 Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (click here to learn more), has received rave reviews from job boards and recruiters around the world, and the Post Perfect Method, which is the crux of the curriculum, has delighted job seekers nationwide.

In A/B testing, 95% of job seekers surveyed stated that they would be more likely to apply to a job posted as we teach our clients, versus how jobs are typically posted—a position description and laundry list of requirements littered with boilerplate language.

By engaging job seekers, hiring companies and recruiters are more likely to attract more of the candidates they desire.

As their clients enjoy the benefits of enhanced online recruitment content, job boards are able to concurrently improve the job seekers' experience by a substantial amount. With satisfied clients and faithful users, job boards can increase client retention rates, revenues, and profits.



Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are confident that, if you are dedicated to improving your online recruitment content, you will be happy with your subscription to the Post Perfect Training Program. However, we understand that just because we are confident in the value of our service, that doesn’t mean you will automatically feel the same. Therefore, we invite you to subscribe to the Post Perfect Training Program with no risk, by offering our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Click here to learn more.


Membership Packages Start at Only $700 for One Year of Members Only Access for up to Three Users

Enjoy One Free Hour of Consulting Services from a Certified Online Recruitment Content Specialist — a $250 value — When You Choose a Membership Package with Automatic Renewal*

Three Easy Steps and You're on Your Way to Better Candidates and a Better Company

* One free consulting hour will be awarded per administrative account after the subscription renews automatically at the end of the initial subscription period. If you select the automatic renewal option, your subscription to the Post Perfect Training Program will automatically renew at the end of the initial one year subscription period and each one year thereafter, unless and until you give Enchanted Careers written notice at least thirty days prior to the end of your current subscription term, if your intention is to not renew your subscription.


  • " is a solid addition to any employer's hiring tool kit. It helps anyone build an effective and attractive job posting, step by step."
    Jeff Dickey-Chasins, Owner, The Job Board Doctor
  • "I had the pleasure of running through some of the initial Post Perfect training videos. They are engaging and certainly provide you with some real actionable points. I put some of the advice into action with my own posting for a new member of my team and received some great targeted candidates as a result. It really is a valuable tool for any new starters to our industry but also has some great reminders and some new tricks for old timers like myself."
    Louise Grant, CEO, Jobg8
  • "The current state of job postings on the Internet is a cure for insomnia; they could put a rock to sleep."
    Peter Weddle, Founder & Executive Director, International Association of Employment Web Sites

  • "Enchanted Careers, LLC has become an essential resource for the Health Jobs Nationwide network of job boards, the largest niche job board network for USA health care jobs. We recommend their Post Perfect training course to every one of our clients, as we're a strong believer in both the course, as well as the idea that better content creates better results. In a competitive recruiting world, this course will give you a leg up on your competition, and helps you to attract more higher quality candidates. It is worth every penny."
    Dustin Martin, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Staffing Innovations, LLC
  • "If your job posting doesn't catch someone's attention, it will never be read, and if it doesn't attract their interest, it's unlikely the person will respond. Consider a job posting as a marketing tool to attract the best, not something to weed out the weak. When viewed from the ideal prospect's perspective, the purpose of the job posting and creating compelling content takes on a whole new meaning."
    Lou Adler, CEO & Founder, The Adler Group

  • "I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how successful the Post Perfect Training Program has been for my staff. I have four veteran recruiters and three new hires with no experience. I have seen a marked increase in all their productivity and placement activities since beginning the training. I cannot say enough good things about the Post Perfect system. It has added savings and bottom line profit to my business."
    Jeff Haselwood, CPC/CTS, Region Manager, Crown Services
  • "Anyone responsible for marketing and advertising to fill job vacancies will benefit from the services of Post Perfect. They'll help you eliminate the vague and fluff verbiage to communicate with the candidates in a way that’s clear and compelling, resulting in meaningful action."
    Ed Neely, Managing Partner, Easy Medical Employment Solutions, LLC


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